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Hello, my name is Zach Lacer. I am currently a freshman looking to CODA into Computer Science. This major has always been a pursuit of mine due to my curiosity in computers. I also plan on learning programming to make video games in the future. For far programming has been enjoyable and I hope it stays as such.

My dream job would be to work for a video game development company I admire, such as Nintendo. My interests have been in how fiction can change our person like how it has shaped mine over the years. Video games have been a medium of fiction that has made the most positive impacts in my life. It is my dream to replicate that for the future generations playing.

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Most intersting classes I have taken/am taking:

  1. Japanese 101
  2. Calulus 242
  3. CSC116: Introduction into Computing - Java
  4. Physics 205

Clubs I am in:

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Nihongo Club Link
Video Game Development Club Link