Welcome to Zhania's College Journey

Hello! My name is Zhania Deterville and I am currently a freshman here at NC State University, apart of the graduating class of 2021. My major choice here at NC State is Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical engineering focuses on advances that improve human health and health care. This degree will allow me to design and develop active and passive medical devices such as prosthetic legs and syringes that cause less damage to the body. Becoming a Biomedical Engineer will allow me to make a positive difference in the Virgin Islands medical world. With my degree, my focus will be on the health of the residents of the Virgin Islands. I want to bring home technology that will help to build a better community.

I am currently an office assistant here at NC State for the Department of Mathematics. I complete your normal office assistant duties such as: assisting the staff with various office tasks, mailings and scanning documents and maintaining office operations by receiving and distributing communications I also pick-up and deliver items between the different college of sciences buildings. From the start of this job, I have been able ro communicate effectively and work efficiently as part of a team.

A link to email of Zhania Deterville

My Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Computing Environments
  4. Calculus

Campus Involvement at NC State

Name Website link
National Society of Black Engineers www.nsbe.org
Engineering World Health www.nscuewh.com