Welcome to my ehome!

My name is Zhihan Wei, and I am a freshman. I intend to computer science major.
Before coming here, I already programmed for six years.
I love programming so I choose computer science.

My favorite hobby is programming. Ten years ago my teacher in primary school
asked me if I have interests in programming. At that time I just heard that
by learning programming, I can use computer all the time, which means I have
more opportunities to play computer games! After I started to program, I felt
the happiness it gave me, I actually loved this feeling. I like programming.

Go Youtube! résumé here
An order list to order my favorite pizza:
  1. Go to Marcos
  2. Select a large size
  3. Select pineapple, green papper, mashroom, hame, meatball, grilled chicken toppings
  4. Select extra cheese
  5. Place Order
Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
PY 208 A+
CSC 116 A+