Charby Xu's Resume

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I intend to major in computer science with a minor in statistics at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graudation is in May 2020.


I chose to major in computer science because I had always been fascinated at how viedo games and mobile apps worked. Coding a VEX robot in RobotC last year made me realize just how much code goes into operating hardware these days. I would either like to get a job as a game designer or work at a data analystics term, since I'm very interested in statistics as well.



Class Course Semester
CSC 116 Introduction to Computing - Java Spring 2017
CSC 216 Programming Concepts - Java Fall 2017
CSC 226 Discrete Mathematics of CSC Fall 2017
CSC 230 C and Software Tools Spring 2018
CSC 316 Data Structures for CSC Fall 2018