Welcome to Yasmeen Mustafa's Resume!

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My College Goals

I am currently a junior at North Carolina State University. My major is Human Biology-BS degree with two minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Computer Science. Right now, I am currently a little behind on my credits so I assume I will graduate in December 2018.

My Career Goals

I choose this major because I have always had a passion for science, especially biology. I had the intentions of going to dental school, until I realized how boring it was. My career goals include something along the lines of a data analyst or in Pharmaceutical Sales. I am just going to see where the world takes me!

Special Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
CH223 Organic Chemistry 2 Fall 2016
GN311 Introduction to Genetics Fall 2016
HI207 Ancient Mediterranean History Fall 2016
COM112 Introduction to Communications Fall 2015
BIO183 Molecular and Cell Biology Spring 2016