About Me


My name is Abigail Richman and I am currently a Senior in Computer Science at North Carolina State University.

I am currently working as a Lab Admin and Lab Instructor for CSC 200 (Introduction to Computers and their users) and E115 (Introduction to Computing Environments)

I grew up in Waldorf, MD about 30 minutes(on a good day) from Washington, DC so I got to have many experiences as a child. I was in Girl scouts for 12 years and I still participate by volunteering. I enjoy rocking climbing, hiking, and water tubing!

During my spare time you can find me reading books, watching TV (currently watching Friends), or playing games! I also enjoy making games (check out my projects page).

Strengths: I enjoy being the leader of the group and I can understand when it is time to step down and let others be the leader.

Last Updated: 1/12/2017